Friday, 27 November 2009

* Title of Primary Project Output: JISCWILD: A tool to enable student wireless interaction with tutor delivered lecture slides.
* Screenshots or diagram of prototype:

Diagram of Overall concept

Screenshot of Tutor Interface

Screenshot of Client interface

Screenshot of Display

Plugin screen shots in practice (note both the above are PowerPoint slides with embedded web content)

* Description of Prototype: Death by PowerPoint, make PowerPoint come alive with the Wild Thing. The Wild Thing concentrates on allowing students in the lecture room to interact directly with slides delivered by a lecturer. Students use web or Wi-Fi enabled devices (including laptops and mobile phones) to send information through for display on presented slides. The Wild Thing is a web based system which enables lecturers to build interaction into standard presentational material. The interaction can be in the form of activities such as simple questions requiring textual or multiple choice response. However, the aim of the system is to enable these activities to scale up to much more sophisticated activity types such as ones enabling pictorial or audio responses. A plug-in exists for Microsoft PowerPoint to enable lecturers to do this quickly and efficiently. As a side benefit to the project work on the Wild Thing system has resulted in a tool which the majority of lecturers around the country will be interested in using. The tool enables directly embedded web content to be displayed within PowerPoint slides removing the requirement for lecturers to have to task switch between applications in the lecture room.
* Link to working prototype: The working prototype consists of multiple elements best described by our user documentation see link in section below, however, there is a tutor interface @ The Wild Web system (tutor interface) , a client interface (for mobile devices etc...) @The Wild Web system (client interface) , a display page for Presentational slides @ The Wild Web system (embedded content for slide display) FINAL NOTE: The display content would be embedded in the presentational slide with the use of a plug-in such as our PowerPoint add-in at sourceforge or on the project web page.
* Link to end user documentation: Sourceforge or on the project web page.
* Link to code repository or API: Sourceforge or on the project web page.
* Link to technical documentation: Sourceforge or on the project web page.
* Date prototype was launched: November 2009
* Project Team Names, Emails and Organisations: Darren P. Mundy,, University of Hull; Darren Stephens,, University of Hull; Keith Dykes,, Independent Developer
* Project Website: project web page.
* PIMS entry:
* Table of Content for Project Posts

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Posts about User participation:Demonstrations & User trials and forthcoming demonstrations .
Posts about Day-to-day work:Finishing Versions & Better late than never! & Interface Design & Diagrams and Tools & Design Documentation..
Posts about Technical standards:Jscrip, Jquery PHP and God damit! & Amusing Interface Quirks .
Posts about Value Add:Finalising the ValueAdd .
Posts about Small WIN(s):Teaching an "old" dog, new tricks & Creating Functions and Beating Web Servers.
Posts about FAIL(s):Mobiles for Project .

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