Monday, 10 August 2009

Diagrams and tools

This week (2) in the WILD house, the house mates created a large proportion of the UML and miscellaneous diagrams that are needed for the documentation and journal paper.

Diagrams that were created where:

  • Class Diagram
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Collaboration Diagrams
  • Use case Diagram
  • Interface Design
  • Story Board

The UML diagrams have been create by a program called Visual Case ( Although this program if not free, is a reasonable tool for creating UML diagrams. Other tools looked at were ARGO ( and Altova ( of which ARGO is free and powerful and altova is superb but expensive

Some major changes and ideas:

  • We are no longer treating the system as just dealing with questions and answers. The system will focus on a wide range of activities and their responses (e.g. A tutor will ask his students to take pictures and send them to the embed)
  • Limited action from the environment plug-in. The plug-in will simply open and close a web browser and automatically place a embed area in the presentation.

Working Environment.

KD has listed a short-list of possible environments to begin programming in. in this, we mean programs, not languages. Two environment picked to used were scite and eclipse. Scite is a free to use editor which a can work with most languages. Eclipse is also free, but has a PHP only software that auto fills tags, making typing code much faster.

KD will be opting for eclipse.

Work flow

DM - created and edited the journal, as when diagrams became available and edited them where necessary.

DS - Worked on XML DTD, helped on interface designs and worked on a schemer.

KD Created UML and other designs, created some interface designs and finished the storyboard.

Sprint 1:-

The main objective of this 4 week period is to get the main bulk of the programming out of the way. The focus will be on the Add-in in the first week and possibly the second week. The remaining time will be aimed at getting a working beta of the client and tutor interface, including a working back end.

Next time on WILD tool:

Interface design: style, function and moving away from a web page.

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  1. I'm delighted to hear you say that Altova UModel is "superb". But I don't quite get the "expensive" part: Visual Case, which you decided to use is $195 per user, whereas UModel is only $129 per user (Standard Edition) or $189 per user (Enterprise Edition)...