Friday, 9 October 2009

End of a good thing

Well at the end of today I (keith) will be leaving wild as a full time payed programmer :(

BUT FEAR NOT! I will be Returning as a Post grad student to work on WILD some more!

I would like to thank Darren S and Darren M for the support and for the oppotunity to work on this fantastic project. I hope my masters can expand the wild project more, as i will be working 12 hours a day on it (-4 hours for food and coffee and -6 for WOW).

For a little up date, we have a working Demo (text input only) of the WILD web interface. and we have also 2 other test systems on the go, one that is a copy of the demo but with working upload and the start of multiple choice activities.

I have also started some templates for the system in my spare time, heres a looky at one:

Default: Here

WILD: Here (with some mini Alterations by Darren S)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Teaching an "old" dog, new tricks

OK, I'm not a fantastic Web Dev and tbh there are gaps in my learning, i know enough to get me by and produce some reasonable stuff.

This project has made me have to take a step back and at the same time, take a step up. Today i have learned that to make a web page you do not need to put ANY html in it at all.... this was some what of a daunting concept, since my learning is centre around traditional HTML/CSS etc. So now we throw in OOP PHP... well as Darren Stephens will attest to, i was some what perplex/confused/down right Stupefied!

OOP (for people that do not know) stands for Object Orientated Programming. In first year of my BSc we touched on this and if I'm honest i fell over at the first attempt.. i simply was not very good at it. i have struggled to grasp the concept of OOP ever since. to my surprise i manged to explain to a non Programmer how OOP works (in an abstract context)

I told martin (one of the Players on my pool team) that OOP works something like this:

A house is a OBJECT
A house has windows which is a CLASS with in the object
A window has ATTRIBUTES like size colour
A window has METHODS like Open close
A window can have an INSTANCE of the class, so Stained glass is different type of Window but still falls in the class of window.

he got the jist of it, but tbh i wasn't 100% sure if i was right about it, but i digress.

the following is a snippet of Code from the wild project html Client page:

Coorrrrreecctiiioonnnn i was going to, but basically Blogger wont let me and i could not find any thing in the help pages to change this...

I'll be back later with Screenshots...

a disgruntled ~Keith


Told you i would be back! Ok our HTML code samples:

in here you can see the standard HTML is present and the php function for connecting to a database and calling a query.

Ok now this is the same code in OOP PHP:

In the words of a favorate Character of mine "It not even sound same!"