Friday, 9 October 2009

End of a good thing

Well at the end of today I (keith) will be leaving wild as a full time payed programmer :(

BUT FEAR NOT! I will be Returning as a Post grad student to work on WILD some more!

I would like to thank Darren S and Darren M for the support and for the oppotunity to work on this fantastic project. I hope my masters can expand the wild project more, as i will be working 12 hours a day on it (-4 hours for food and coffee and -6 for WOW).

For a little up date, we have a working Demo (text input only) of the WILD web interface. and we have also 2 other test systems on the go, one that is a copy of the demo but with working upload and the start of multiple choice activities.

I have also started some templates for the system in my spare time, heres a looky at one:

Default: Here

WILD: Here (with some mini Alterations by Darren S)

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