Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Interface Design

First and foremost I am no designer, never have been, never will be. I have the artistic talent of donkey, so if this designs don’t look “pretty” go figure. :D

To start with I tried to make a “nice” design; I thought about themes and wanted something “wild” looking, as in wild life or jungle. So I came up with this:

After been told off by my partner (she is a web developer) I was force to re-think, So I decided to go with something more simple and use more neutral colours. I also decided that I would like to move away from a traditional web site, and Try and make the site look more like a system interface, to make it feel more like a program and make the user forget it is really just a web client.

So I created this:

It’s not pink….its blue…I swear!

This interface was "built" in Photoshop and am hoping that i can use the layers to construct the full working interface from it.



  1. Might want to have a play with balsamiq dot com, which keeps the playful feel of the interface so that the user doesn't get obsessed with look?

  2. Thanks David, having a look now. As i said in the post i'm looking at ways to move away from a traditional "web site" look ( i dont want it to run like a website.

    The focus for me at the moment is to try and keep all the fuctionality in one page. I have started looking into using PHP includes to accomplish this. My next post will have some photos of the basic interface for the client, tutor end and the display.