Monday, 17 August 2009

Amusing Interface Quirks!

I have spent a few days building templates for the interface for wild. I have found a few things that amuse me with Mozilla FireFox and IE (7/8). I will show you what I mean shortly but first i want to talk interface!


Originally I envisaged the client being to different interfaces (one for high end devices, one for mobile devices)

But after some tweaking I feel that we might be able to work the larger interface for the mobile devices, simply because of the way the browsers (IE and Firefox) scale the web page:

moving on...


In the previous post I stated that I wish to move away from the traditional web page. its hard for me to explain what I mean but I am going to give it ago.

My idea is to make the web interface feel and work like something you would have in a kiosk or information booth, for instance the interface will not have a navigation bar, in the traditional sense. Also all navigation will happen within an area of the page (a bit like frames but not as evil) and will be in sequence or will be fluent (so one option will lead on to the next until completion).

So I went about creation the tutor interface to mirror the client. The thing I found this was the Scale effect for the tutor client became annoying and I mean REALLY annoying. If I where a lecturer or a teacher, I think I would of being seriously narked with the thing and ditched it.

After this, I decided to set the whole thing as absolute positioning with in the CSS (some people say this is a no no, well to you I :P ) the interface looks and feels a lot neater with this and I have give it some scalability for different browser sizes, I might have also fallen in the trap of creating for 1024X768 but then we cant change this at a later stage.


the display page was really a no brainer, its just a simple page that displays the data. i had little problems with setting this up.

Right the browser quirks:

as daft as it sounds there is one little quirk that i have noticed;



I'm using a reset CSS file.... but still it happens... love IE!


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