Monday, 10 August 2009

Creating Functions and Beating Web Servers

1st week of sprint one of the wild project, has seen one of the main parts of the project near completion.

DM and KD Set about and successfully get the add-in for PowerPoint to a working standard (all credit to DM for been so persistent with VBA). DM created an add-in that creates a web browser on the slide, with an invisible text box to enter the URL into. The web browser, on slide change, then takes the URL and displays in the slide show with out the need for a click or action.

On to the web interface/server. KD has created some designs of the interface (which you can view in the documentation, they are pink, but he swears they are light blue on his laptop. KD has also started the functions needed to add activities and other data to the database. KD Wrote them in MySQL but there will be some form of conversion to Postgres also, DS was looking at using the DBX extension in PHP, but currently the installation does not work.

KD has spent a few days trying to install a working web server on to his laptop and to his dismay found that his laptop needs a format. Since previous installs have effected the installation of the PHP ( it cannot find the extentions).

The team are now moving into the second week of the sprint with a view to have the basic system in place. They want:
• the add-in working (check)
• the interface in a basic form(check)
• the interface to take input and store it the database
• the server to generate the client slide interface

The next week (the 2nd week of sprint 1) they will be looking for the response data return and display the response on the embedded slide.

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