Friday, 18 September 2009

Better late than never!

Ok i haven’t been to good with the blog so time for an update.

First of all, JISCRI in Manchester, was for me, new Experience. for me. I have never had the opportunity to visit a developer conference before, and i enjoyed it. I don’t mind admitting that i was a little shy and left allot of the talking to Darren and Darren (from here on i should call them DnD but i feel the law suits from Wizards of the coast :) )

It was good to see the different things that where going on in the JISC world (though there was a LOT of stuff that seemed to do the same things (just my opinion!)). The project that caught my eye was the shuffl one. The use of JQuery to create index cards to store notes (with out database Backend) was very kool. only one thing JISC guy.... PLEASE don’t make me go to the city of Manchester’s stadium again..... unless the Red half of Manchester are playing there!

Ahem that aside....

Ok Bring the Project back up to date we have completed the first functional prototype consisting of:

• Plug-in for MS PowerPoint that can embed an web browser for Wild use or normal web use
• A PHP driven web Interface for a tutor to add, edit activities and create the URLs for the tutor to embed Into the PowerPoint Add-in.
• A PHP client Interface that works on most mobile devices and allows the client to repl to the correct activity
For the Tutor interface we are currently using a standard PHP/xHTML web site, i would like to use some JQuery to make it a little more dynamic, but we'll see.
The Display and the client pages are my little triumph, They are Both Static template that have the information needed for an activity inserted on the fly, simples! (heh) basically you put the Id of the activity into the client and the back end will search for that related activity details, like title, description and put then into the correct parts of the page..... we only need one page then ;)
The display works on the same base.
This morning we had a flying visit from David Flanders, He chatted with genuine interest and seem happy with the progress made, so if he’s happy.... I’m Ecstatic!


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