Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Mobiles for Project

We are now entering into the testing phase of our project and for the past few weeks i've been trying to source some iPhones through the institution in line with our project budget. Ultimatley it seems to no avail with O2 corporate we're looking at 24 month contracts and £250 per phone (not an option). There are two reasons I would like iPhones for this project, 1) They come with 12 months of web access and 2) Interface wise they work extremely well. Going to have to see, tomorrow, whether or not I can put 10 iPhones on my credit card otherwise its time to look at sourcing other options. First choice at the moment would be 10 Android phones network free then free sims and the purchase of top up cards from 3, who offer quite a nice included web package.

We'll see what happens over the next week, just from expecting things to be straightforward we move into the realms of the not possible.

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