Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Earlier this month we put on two demonstration sessions for staff members to come and have a play with Wild in practice. We talked through the project focus demonstrated the use of the add-in and demonstrated the composition of activities for PowerPoint integration. We had a range of staff come to the two sessions encompassing areas such as Study Advice, Primary Education, Coastal Sciences, Campus Management, Computer Science, Theatre and Performance, Creative Music Technology. We asked all of the staff who came to consider how the technology could be used in relation to their discipline and how we could push the technology on. Since the events we have had a range of different reponses which will lead to a number of different opportunities for Wild's integration into different disciplines over the next Semester and beyond. For example, we are going to demonstrate Wild and other Web 2 technologies to a large group of primary education students at the end of this semester with the intent of getting them to explore how new technologies may shape their educational environments of the future (ie. with young children and beyond) - this seems like a good value add to their education and an example of research embedded in techning practice. We also hope in the New Year to have the opportunity to use Wild in the context of substantial classes in the physical sciences to explore it's potential for use in very large groups.

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