Friday, 6 November 2009

Finalising the ValueAdd

As you may have noticed tonight is blog catch-up amd as we move towards JISC funding ending its time to look at the value added and things that changed project direction.

The wild thing tool provides the following service for lecturers, 1 the integration of live web content directly into PP slides through a mechanism that is user friendly ,easy to understand and requires limited tutor intervention. This has been a significant side effect of the WILD tools production, 2: As things stand the wild tool provides a clear textual question and answer system for slide integration. Other question types are not far away but will be added as they are fully tested.

I think the clear turning point as regards this project was illustated in one of the earliest blog posts when we realised that a PP add-in could be constructed and linked directly to a web based system rather than the team focusing on creating a tool which would manipulate PP slide construction post creation through a different application.

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