Friday, 24 July 2009

Blog input developer Week 1 – Wild thing

Initial ideas written down, idea bounced with DM and DS, mostly about add-ins for PP and back end/tutor tool.


Add-in that allows access to a web base server that can dynamically generate the question pages after user input, this system would include:


PHP based Web server that, in the beginning, allows a tutor to create questions he/she would be using during the presentations, these would be called into PP via an embedded xhtml add-in. the server would create the pages dynamically for the tutor before the call is made. It will create the necessary forms needed for displaying the answers i.e if it is a set of multiple choice questions, it will display the answers and which student picked answer. If it is a live test, as soon as the choice is made, it will be displayed on the slide.
A standards compliant client that can be accessed or installed on mobile devices. The student will be able to Log in with their student number and gain access to the correct lecture slides. The client must be able to return the generated xhtml questions from the server and display them, and then allow the student to answer them.
Add - in for Microsoft PP that allows embedded xhtml to load without having need for an input button. this will allow a tutor to imbedding slide (which will have the web server address embedded) and they can reference the question ID number to bring out the correct questions for that lecture (allowing the ability to pull the same question for lots of lectures)

This was initial ideas for a beta, the overall finish product maybe integrate the entire system in to a PP add-in. Open source would require us to create different add-ins for different packages.

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